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the art of pride

taking a moment to celebrate incredible creators and showcase their art, accomplishments, and spirit they bring to the world.
the art of pride

As we commemorate this month of love, acceptance, and equality, we shine a spotlight on individuals whose stories serve as beacons of inspiration for countless people. through their artistry, they have challenged societal norms, embraced their authentic selves, and created uniquely profound works that uplift and empower.

the art of pride speaks to the transformative power of art, as it encourages LGBTQIA+ artists to reclaim narratives, celebrate identities, and challenge the status quo. through pride we hope to inspire, foster dialogue, promote equality, and advocate for social change through the universal language of art.

join us as we highlight these incredible individuals, celebrating their accomplishments and the indomitable spirit they bring to the world.

calvin ramsay


calvin ramsay aka CHOBUTTA

calvin ramsay (aka CHOBUTTA) is an r&b singer, model, visual artist, and ballet and hip hop dancer. his music is lively and radiant, yet layered with nuance as his inspiration ranges from schubert to freddy mercury.

the most rewarding aspect about creating is when the mindset is fully tapped into the process. what I love about being an artist is the freedom to express whenever, wherever, however, and whatever I want to do. i’m inspired by people, places, sounds, and intelligence.

ana roman


ana roman

ana roman is an nyc-based dj & producer. their music is hypnotic and rhythmic, moving between meditative repetition and uptempo electronic beats. in breaking down traditional and tech-centric barriers, ana has created a unique stage persona, skulptor, that represents their relationship with identity, data dignity, and gender fluidity.

skulptor is fluid and agender... it constantly is transforming because it's regenerating. so skulptor is sculpting — sculpting frequency, sculpting music, sculpting sound design and sculpting gender and transparency.

chris o'leary


chris o'leary

chris o’leary is a painter and photographer who imbues his work with personal meaning, tying in deeply to his identity and explorations around femininity. he uses creativity as therapeutic outlet, and is driven by creating a legacy for the lgbtqia+ community through his work.

i value the strength of femininity — an abstracted version of it. being biologically male and growing up as i did (in a society where femininity in men is considered bad), i grappled with seeing femininity as a strength. i was exposed to it through tv, film, music, etc. and was always inspired by strong women. i loved joan collins on dynasty and debbie harry from blondie, the solid gold dancers on tv (it was the early 80’s).

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