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Sydney Iadarola

the art of mixed media

a recap of exhibition 002

exhibition 002 art for sale

exhibition 002

what’s in a name?

primitives x exhibition 001

what are surreal environments?

digitizing physical, spiritual, and cosmic creation

we all die at some point

in search of magic

art of gold

"the essence of what something can be and not what we see"

a universal love language

how to mint

join communities on primitives

inspired ai by queengoddessclub

the art of pride

3 black artists to celebrate today and everyday

victoria brown sees art as therapy

tia gabrielle is a problem solver

murph phi is inspired by his challenge

chris o'leary finds strength in femininity

be seen on primitives

ana roman is changing the way we experience music

seen: meet the artists

maya shah is marrying western and indian fashion trends