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pricing art on primitives

pricing art on primitives

one of the many challenges facing artists and art traders alike is knowing the “right” price to buy or sell a piece of art (or as we like to call, them gems). to tackle this challenge primitives’ tradable gem system is built on a bonding curve, helping artists price their work and providing instant liquidity to traders.

what is a bonding curve

bonding curves play a pivotal role in decentralized finance (DeFi) and on primitives they represent mathematical curves that detail the relationship between the price and the supply of a specific gem. in simpler terms, our bonding curve dictates how much the price of a gem changes after a user acquires or cashes in.

how it works

all gems start at a set price and fluctuate along the curve as users acquire and cash-in gems. at any time, a user can cash-in a gem they own at a discount to the current acquire price. keep your eye on your gems as prices are constantly changing.

benefits on primitives

  1. all artists and traders have access to immediate liquidity
  2. the market self-regulates to provide fair and efficient outcomes
  3. allows for gem communities to be evergreen and have unlimited growth

try it now!

as we continue to refine the feature, use one of the below referral codes to unlock trading. if you don't catch one of these codes in time, don't worry, we'll be opening it up to all users soon too!

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