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inspired ai by queengoddessclub

creator rosie campagna teaches us how ai art actually works
inspired ai by queengoddessclub

interview: @sydneyia

art: @queengoddessclub

Californa-based artist queengoddessclub (aka rosie campagna) found a new outlet for her creativity — generative art (an umbrella term for ai art). generative art has been recently popping off so we spoke to rosie not only about her background and inspiration, but also how she physically goes about making her beautiful pieces.

tell me about yourself!

well my name is rosie, i’m originally from monterey but now am central valley, california. i've enjoyed art all my life but recently i got into ai art and i'm really liking the process so far!

i traditionally worked with 2d design and photography which is very hands-on. with ai it’s a lot different, it's not as messy. i've only started just recently (in february) and i'm learning quickly and collaborating with and meeting people and really jumping into the whole ai art community.

i typically work on my pieces in the evenings, because i have a day job as an estimator for a glass company. so i come home and want to zone out and channel whatever i'm feeling and it comes through in these pieces i make.

what made you get into ai art in particular?

honestly, on instagram i saw an ad for nightcafe (an ai art generating website) and i was like, ‘i'm gonna just try it, let's see what happens.’ before that tried a few other platforms but they didn't excite me much until just i started to actually think about the prompts and try to create something that was in my mind and in my heart. with that the output was truly something i wanted to see! i got so excited with every generation so i continued and it's been blowing up ever since.

so how does making ai art actually work? what’s the process of generating any of your pieces?

process wise, you start out by going to any ai platform, like nightcafe and inputting key phrases and terms that you want to be reflected in the work — the platform will generate images based on that. when i was little i loved all of the disney movies. so in thinking about this project, i questioned “what would it look like to have my queen goddesses looking like disney character?”

i put it in terms like “beautiful woman in modern day + in the style of a disney princess or queen.” from there the program generates a piece or multiple pieces. so you put in a bunch of key words or semi-descriptive sentences and it basically spits out an image.

sometimes they can turn out funky so to edit specific elements you would take layers or portions of the image that you like and layer over the ones you dont. you can also mask images with others. at the end of it you can have different generations of one image that you may have started with plus you can have several variations of that…i'm still learning all the lingo.

"reminder to self" by queengoddessclub

before getting into ai, you said that you were doing more collage art correct? do you find a similarity in how you're layering and compositing with your ai pieces too?

yeah. it's pretty much the same process. i've always been fascinated in faces and portraiture. ever since i was little, i loved looking through the vogue, vanity fair, and other fashion magazines, so those play into what i'm doing now.

what inspires you to create in general and to create pieces focused on the feminine?

my sister and i grew up with a lot of women in our family so i think i have a reverence for the feminine and beauty in general. but for the most part, i’m inspired by my grandma. my nana always cared about appearance in an endearing way. even if she didn't have a lot of money and/or wasn’t feeling great, she always looked like a million bucks. she just made herself look beautiful no matter how she was feeling. and i think that made her emit a sense of love and beauty constantly.

her softness and grace is something i both emulate and want to replicate through my art. i want people to see that they are able to feel like goddesses and understand that everyone is uniquely beautiful, you just have to feel it inside yourself and it will show.

rosie and her nana

what does being a creator mean to you?

i was thinking about that and what it means to me — what i’m doing with this, where i’m going, and what the meaning of my current work is for me… it's about community. it’s about sharing support, having support systems, and sharing points of view and skills with each other. so for me, being a creator is about collaboration, growth, and progression — that's what i want queengoddessclub to be about. it's not just about looking at pretty pictures, it's about what you may like to represent in your own life and embodying and feeling those traits or characteristics that a queen and/or a goddess may have. i just want to bring people together and inspire positivity and growth.

where did the name “queengoddessclub” stem from?

it just came from embodying both a queen and a goddess sentimentally and really seeing those attributes and characteristics in other people in general. we all embody both feminine and masculine, but in this particular context, we're kind of looking at what is “quintessentially feminine”.

and it sounds silly, but i want to contribute to bettering the world and i feel i can do that by putting out beauty, joy, and love as much as possible. there's always gonna be days that aren’t the best, but if you can come home and see a queen goddess on your wall, it reminds you that you can embody those characteristics and be that person.

when people see your work what do you hope they take away? is there a certain vision you have for queengoddessclub?

hopefully be inspired to bring more beauty, strength, grace, and positivity into their life.

"Marilyn" by queengoddessclub — "Capturing the ethereal beauty of Marilyn Monroe through the lens of AI art. Join us in celebrating the iconic Queen Goddess herself, forever enchanting hearts and inspiring us to embrace our own inner radiance. ✨👑 Marilyn Monroe's timeless spirit dances, a testament to her everlasting reign as a symbol of beauty and grace. Let her allure inspire you to embrace your own unique magic and shine bright, for you too are a Queen Goddess. 💫✨"

did you have any experience in making nfts prior to finding primitives? and how did you feel about being on primitives for the first time?

i put up one thing up on opensea but i haven't gone back to it too much. i'm still learning and it's a little intimidating to be honest.

i joined primitives quickly! i love it! in terms of the whole blockchain aspect of it and minting, i'm still learning that and i'm having fun with it. and i love that anybody can get into primitives because we're all artists and creators. i feel like we all have something to contribute. so i love that you made an open platform for everybody to join. and i'm really thrilled to be a part of it and to see it grow and thrive!

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