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10 gems to collect this week

10 gems to collect this week

a weekly compilation of gems on primitives - click in to see more by each creator and collect em' all :)

A generative experiment
creator | @marvin

“the gate of defiance”
creator | @edenworth

“blue iris”
digital design
creator | @aleighawraychelle

“selling freedom.”
new york city, 2021.
creator | @kuwamojaphi

“Women in blue sky”
Collected by LightDao Project
creator | @lightdao

“Torn Paper Abstract”
creator | @jeremyvoh

“Spring Flowers”
Watercolor and Marker done by me
creator | @jlap777

“Roman Empire”
Mixed media images Lastar_merch on insta #justbeyouuu on insta for all street art viewings
creator | @justbeyouuu

“Stillness and Waves”
Canon photography & animation by RetroYeti (Yachats, OR)
creator | @retroyeti

“Time Warp”
creator | @blackrainbow07