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10 gems to collect this week

discover new creators and gems on primitives
10 gems to collect this week

a weekly compilation of art! scroll to see collect em' all :)

“senaida's profile background”
creator | @senaida

“Boat Boys”
creator | @oxford

Made by Looper in 2024
creator | @cryptolooper

"Summer still life"
70x50 oil
creator | @kenny1971

“desha9999's profile background”
creator | @desha9999

“a city square”
Pen and ink city square illustration
creator | @andmodern

tags: selfportrait, death, grief
creator | @vykkydammit

"A blooming cactus of balloons"
creator | @mythoughtsai

“Experimental AI Animation”
Trying out new tools.
creator | @crackedrockwell

“Touching Grass (Pavement)”
Downtown Los Angeles photo walk.
tags: losangeles, downtown, streetphotography, stephencastelphoto, cityscape
creator | @stephencastelphoto