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10 gems to collect this week

discover new creators and gems on primitives
10 gems to collect this week

a weekly compilation of art! scroll to see collect em' all :)

“Illusion #2”
Painting, AI separating colours, animation
creator @julietothgr

“canvas cube”
creator | @matzae

“Solana Psychedelic Summer ☀️”
Drop the acid 😛👅😛👅
creator | @hobahoba

“Strange Flower”
Graphic Art by me! IG:@arie_shoots
creator | @arie_shoots

“Panda Bear & Butterflies”
Digital art collage with animation by S.R.Chappell
creator | @srchappell

“Beat it”
Finger painting By Lv<^
creator | @design_de_luca

“Black Out”
tags: trippy, op-art, psychedelic, dinosaurs, sci-fi
creator| @crackedrockwell

“looking glass”
Digital collage by @ashantiafricana
creator | @africana2

Autor Pablo , en búsqueda de patrón para una tela de vestido ,usando fractales, la base es como siempre un simple imán de nevera :)
creator | @traderencadenado

“strawberry fields”
made with Hugging Face Illusion model, Runway ML, and Capcut https://huggingface.co/spaces/AP123/IllusionDiffusion
creator | @deej