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10 pride inspired gems to collect this week

happy pride month 🌈
10 pride inspired gems to collect this week

a compilation and celebration of art! scroll to see collect em' all :)

“Retro's Anthem”
Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈 This is the song… My anthem. As a youth who was desperately trying to figure things out, find meaning and love myself, this song saved my life. It still does! My wish for you today: Be silly… dance. Live Proud - Love Proud ✨⭐️🐞What’s your anthem?
creator | @retroyeti

“Nora Too”
creator | @phillipmorrisart

Roll your windows down and groove to "Breathe," a funky meditation that vividly captures what it is like to create refreshing, intimate possibilities.
creator | @chobutta

"<3 Rains, <3 Reins & <3 Remains"
This artwork explores the beautiful place where Asexuality and being homoromantic meet! It's just ALL LOVE for whoever YOU LOVE 24/7 What else could you need or want?! I made this absolutely stunning artwork by using affinity photo to bring the 2 first pieces of my 2023 pride series together into one piece. So now both piece No.1 called: they wed the rainbow wedding and piece No.2 called: The 4 stripes of me - Asexuality, now come together to form this new and amazing experience which is being homoromantic asexual; i.e. full of beautiful love! :)
creator | @yeshayadankart

"one and only" @adoradrag 💜
"one and only" @adoradrag 💜 #adora #adoradrag #collageart by @charruart #miamibeach #drag #dragqueen #heart " #covidart #covi̇d19 #lasvegas #art #arte #artes #Lasvegasart #artista #popart #abstractart #instagay #abstractionlove_shoutouts #dmt #visionaryart #instart #instaart #iloveart #charruart #instacolor #gayboy #graphicartist #graphicart #luismesquita
creator | @charruart

“Mighty Real #1”
May Drag Culture Never Be Erased.
creator | @cemesserley

“Rainbow Man”
Pride at its finest this colorful man brings the emotions and joys of the lgbtq community to life
creator | @xxartqueen

“Maritza Herrera”
Maritza hails from Brooklyn NYC, A native NY er she is very well known in the underground circuit as a burlesque performer and fire breather. The fashion industry scooped her up quick and with her pyrotechnics, the catwalks of Paris and Milan were a dangerous place for many seasons. Although she is still modeling, Maritza has decided to switch up her performance interests duetting her love of burlesque with synchronized swimming. She says that since conquering fire she wants to move onto the other elements.
creator | @chrisolearyart

triana is a geneative digi-portrait by ana roman
creator | @anodromedan

“Vampire Stones”
Rolling Stones in drag hanging out with Remedios Varo's Vegetarian Vampires, animated version
creator | @84rooms