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10 gems to collect this week

10 gems to collect this week

a curation of art! scroll to see and collect em' all :)

“Cactus Field”
creator | @jasperreithegem

“Devilcat 07a”
Drawn by Michael Pinter in 2019. Devilcat Series. "Each piece in this series features a unique coloring on colored papers, creating a visual art piece that takes viewers into a realm of imaginative interpretation. The series explores themes of enigma and feline symbolism, inviting viewers to interpret Pinter's artworks through their own lens."
creator | @mpinter

“Banana-strawberry ice cream”
creator | @xana

Digital illustration with pop-art aesthetics and neural style
creator | @marvin

“Totem Lantern Teahouse”
Take one “real building” and morph it into an Ethereal Realm Tea House. Choose the right beverage and go for a radiant cosmic voyage. 💫🍵🌲
creator | @chrisdangertine

“Synthetic Tulips”
made with Ai and whatnot.
creator | @lisamary

“The rising moon”
tags: nft, moon
creator| @b0s4n

An artwork that celebrates LOVE
creator | @dataismo

“Brazil Lab - series”
Made in 2024 by Looper
creator | @cryptolooper

“Misty Mountains”
A view of downtown Banff, AB on a gloomy day in August. Mountains loom in the mist behind (2023)
creator | @nytruc