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10 gems to collect this week

discover new gems and creators on primitives
10 gems to collect this week

a weekly compilation of art! scroll down to see collect em' all :)

“SAC 005”
creator | @strangeart

“Work in Progress Pt. 5”
creator | @jess

Procreate animation
creator | @quantumcasual

“Queen Mother”
Painted by MINAVINNCI wash dc 2024
creator | @minavinnci

creator | @toad

“Interstellar Queen”
tags: aliens, interstellar, queen, digitalart, digitalgold
creator | @mrravalnfts

“6lack archive”
6lack_archive_006 2017
tags: style, 2dart, illustration, portraiture
creator | @anfaslim

“Birch and Brick”
Acrylic on canvas painted by janet lapelusa
creator | @jlap777

“Lines Of Beauty”
tags: art, drawing, painting, sketch, digital
creator | @artistonwheels

“Steve Tohari”
Into the desert
tags: desertabstracttaupeabstractlandscape, desert, abstract, taupe, digitalart
creator | @supersteve77