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10 gems to collect this week

10 gems to collect this week

a weekly compilation of gems on primitives - click in to see more by each creator and collect em' all :)

"srchappell's bg"
creator | @srchappell

“The Robotic Symphony”
tags: theroboticsymphony, nft
creator | @brainstorm

“MJ: Heee heee! Hee hee!”
Annie are you okay?
creator | @hobahoba

“In My Head”
Thanks to everyone who minted my first release in the collection. More to come, and you all will be prioritized for limited mints in the future.👀
creator | @anteater

“one cow”
They're goofy, they're cute, and they're just downright charming. A cow is an instant mood boost, right? They're these chill creatures that symbolize so much – from peace to prosperity. Having one on your screen is like having your own little zen zone.
creator | @mertsin

creator | @nftique

“pixel art”
creator | @normaltaylor01

“Yellow texture”
creator | @leia_d_city

creator | @degenevo

“Whispering Hues”
A stylized portrait of a woman, rendered in soft curves and flowing lines, featuring a palette of serene blues, pinks, and creams.
creator | @matesantos