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introducing: gem story

a new way to share your artwork’s story
introducing: gem story

live now!

you asked for more ways to share the process around your artwork…

now you can with gem story, a new way to share your artwork’s authentic story with a global audience. with over 250,000 mints on primitives, we’ve learned that people love buying art that conveys a deeper meaning beyond its visual appeal. so tell your story and share what makes your piece special!

tell your story

when you create a gem, you can share more than just a description, you can share the full picture surrounding your work!

tell your gem's story by adding its:

  • background — what inspired this piece?
  • process — how did it come to life?
  • impact — what should the viewer take away?

get inspired and read 2 incredible stories by @tjwalus and @phillipmorrisart below, then tell your own story!

“Slain (Mixed Media Edit)” by @tjwalus

“Slain (Mixed Media Edit)” by @tjwalus

"Nora" by @phillipmorrisart

"Nora" by phillipmorrisart