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issue 01: welcome to moments

launching our newsletter, new feature updates, and exploring the fan communities powering the internet
issue 01: welcome to moments

hello! welcome to the first issue of moments. it's our biweekly newsletter and also the name of our blog. if you’re here, it’s likely because you’ve signed up for primitives over the past year (or made your way onto our list of beloved friends, family, and early supporters).

this is the space we share product updates, news from our community, and a curation of the best things we’re seeing IRL and URL. we’ll take you behind the scenes as we work on building the most fun place to create, share and collect moments online.

this winter has been moving fast for our team. we’ve literally been shipping so many new features it’s hard to keep track. a few of the big ones you should know about:

  • upgraded moment minting – from phone to mint in < 30 secs. we’re kind of obsessed with this video showing how it works
  • wallet connect – link external ethereum and solana wallets to bring all your nfts (and convos) to one spot
  • chatroom mentions – tag a friend (or two) in any chatroom, it will link back to their profile :)
true story, we did have some fun sightings in miami :)

what’s up next? we’re working on revamped profiles, a brand new homescreen experience, and ways to monetize your creations. stay tuned.

one of the best parts about building primitives over the past year has been growing our community of users. you inspire us everyday and are the backbone of what makes our product special.

we recently sat down with one of our favorite community members, winnie lau, to chat about her favorite things online, her grailed pant collection, and what digital identity means to her. winnie noted, "the composition of nft communities expands beyond just startups and tech people. it’s a community of individuals who’ve gathered for art, music, sports, or whatever the collection represents."

you can read our entire conversation with winnie here.

our team traveled to miami for art basel last month and we spent a lot of time thinking about the future of creation (and what it means to be creative). we’re inspired by the number of people creating (poetry, collages, paintings, drawings, music) as a side-hustle or in their free time. call it the long-tail of creativity.

a few other things we’ve been loving: kaitlyn tiffany’s everything i need i get from you (an insightful take on the women & fan communities powering the internet), lensa, coffee and cigarettes, and tony tafuro’s line drawings at palo gallery.

(yes that is an ai portrait of our engineer, nick)

thanks for reading! have any feedback for us? you can always feel free to slide into our dms.