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how to mint

learn what minting actually means and how to easily do it
how to mint

words: @sydneyia

photo: primitives & @sydneyia

Do you hear the word "nft" and immediately zone out? do you have no idea what “minting” means or why you should care about “blockchain? we get it, but these tools can uplevel your art career, and we will break down how – starting with minting.

minting refers to the process of creating or issuing a digital item. minting transforms artworks (or any digital media) into unique, verifiable, and tradable assets. whether you're an artist looking to monetize your creations, a collector looking to own virtual pieces, or an enthusiast exploring it all, understanding how to mint is beneficial, and easily accessible with us.

below we break down the process into 4 steps :)

how to mint:

step 1: make something! or upload any former work you've created to publish

photo by joshua rodriguez

step 2: format and make sure your work is in digital form. consider the color, size, and any other details that make your art unique. once minted you can’t make any changes, so work carefully.

work you mint can be artwork, music, videos, gifs – any media really. if you paint or create physical art, consider taking a photo or a scan of it which can be minted

step 3: upload your artwork. add a title, description, and any other details about the work you’re going to turn into an nft

things to consider:

  • you can either make your mint unlimited or limited – meaning you can have an infinite amount of editions (copies) for collectors to collect (recommended!) or set a finite number
  • if you set the number of editions, you can choose the royalty percentage which is the percentage of future sales you'll receive in case of a sale. we recommend anywhere between 2-5%

step 4: publish and share your work once your nft is minted. you'll get a confirmation and you can see it both on our homescreen and in your profile. send it around for friends to collect!

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