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primitives x gotham.nyc: exhibition 001

join us on november 2 for an exhibition featuring 4 new york based artists
primitives x gotham.nyc: exhibition 001

we're partnering with gotham.nyc to host and highlight primitives’ artists throughout the month of november! join us for our first exhibit on thursday, november 2 to celebrate works from new york based artists. discover emerging artists, meet local creatives and collect artwork at gotham.nyc from 6-9pm.

rsvp and learn more about the event and each featured artist below!

can't make it? stay tuned for more info on exhibition 002 on nov. 16

the artists

skulptor (ana roman) tackles permissionless bodies in generative art, sound design, machine learning and visual synthesis. they use various data sets and midi/synth sequencing systems that ask 'how many iterations of the self are trained without our permission?' skulptor mimics this bias through multi-style facial gan transfers that are a-gender (non-gendered). skulptor's 'gan' family dispersed in early 2021 and quickly gained recognition amongst the electronic dance community in nyc with their 'into the jaws of bliss' e.p. skulptor produces fierce deconstructed post-club tracks with latin club leanings that also gained them a feature in dj mag's2022 'ones to watch' list. in 2023 skulptor's work earned them features in water and music as well as refraction festival, nft biennale, hypebae, cyber magazine, and sxsw 2023.

ana's gallery

luca goly (Lv<^) is a self-taught painter, illustrator, and digital artist. the native new yorker aims to embed and speak to elements of his life’s experience by utilizing vivid imagery, colors, and brushstrokes throughout his work. lv<^’s style is largely influenced by pablo picasso and jean-michel basquiat as he describes his art as merging cubism, surrealism, and expressionism.

luca's gallery

murph phi is a director, art teacher, multidisciplinary artist based in new york city. murph maintains his artistic focus on identity and representation fusing diasporic responses and interpretations to social anxieties, shared cultures mixed with emotion from personal lifestyle and experience as palette to present a unique style of work that uses the aesthetics of lifestyle and street photography as an approach to telling real stories of community, process and creation. murph, widely known for being the “outspoken artist" gained popularity in nyc during the pandemic by building a vast archive of candid stills in chelsea and soho art spaces through exhibition photography paired chilling images of an empty new york as the world sat in suspense. his catalogue of works is aimed to instill pride and confidence throughout his community, encourage freedom in expression and promote healthier relationships with self.

murph's gallery

siena saba is a freelance photographer and director living and working in nyc. she graduated from the fashion institute of technology in 2020 with a bfa in photography and related media. her work explores documentary style with focuses on music and youth culture. he draws a great deal of inspiration from nyc and the people she finds herself surrounded by. siena is particularly interested in the creative process of artists, which becomes evident in the way she approaches her subjects, always aiming to capture the most honest parts of people.

siena's gallery

event info:

date: thursday, november 2, 2023

time: 6pm-9pm

location: gotham, 3 east 3rd street, new york, ny 10003

collect this ticket for entry at the door

entry permitted on a first come first serve basis

can’t make it? stay tuned for more info on exhibition 002 on nov 16. separate invite to follow :)

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