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exhibition 002

whether you missed our first event or are joining us for round 2, rsvp for the next exhibition
exhibition 002

we're partnering with gotham.nyc to host and highlight primitives’ artists! join us for our next exhibit on thursday, november 16 to celebrate the works of new york artists, meet local creatives, and collect artwork at gotham from 6-9pm

rsvp and learn more about the event and each featured artist below!

the artists

darian deshawn stewart (b. hardy, arkansas) is an interdisciplinary artist based in new york, new york. stewart attended arkansas state university where he received a bachelor of fine arts degree in both graphic design and fine arts. he received his masters of fine arts degree at parsons school of design/the new school. he has exhibited at the bradbury art museum at arkansas state university, 25 east 13th gallery, the window show at the new school, anna-maria and stephen kellen gallery, mobifest, and somad gallery,and kente royal gallery. stewart loves spending time with his daughter, exploring the outdoors, and fashion.

artwork by darian deshawn stewart

sasha mack’s passion lies in the world of art and self-discovery, an avenue through which she channels her creativity and introspection. her multidimensional background, coupled with an unwavering commitment to personal growth, defines sasha as a remarkable personality in the art world. her most recent series, the black sheep collection celebrates the unique journey of being a black sheep. it aims to challenge societal norms, promote non-conformity and encourage self acceptance by exploring the concept of being an outsider.

artwork by sasha mack

taavi & carnival are a dynamic artist couple from new york who inspire each other to experiment and create in a variety of art forms. they began their career together with a musical project named “hōi,” which encapsulates the time period when they met and expressed their love through the language of music. after four years of marriage, they decided to start a family and welcomed their first baby. this new life situation brought about different experiences and challenges in their relationship, leading them to shift their creative expression to visual art. they drew inspiration from paintings and photography, discovering new ways to express their deep connection and love for life. “when we create together, we find peace, excitement, and curiosity about each other. we resolve our differences without the need for a verbal agreement; it's more like a primal way to communicate and express ourselves.”

artwork by carnival and taavi

the drowning man is a haitian-american, harlem-born artist based in new york. practicing since 2013 with a variety of mediums, (pencil, charcoal, watercolor, etc...), tdm’s work typically aims to depict exaggerated and distorted portraits, or express a feeling visually that mixes inspiration from surrealism, abstract and the continuing tradition of neo-expressionism.

artwork by the drowning man

event info:

date: thursday, november 16, 2023

time: 6pm-9pm

location: gotham, 3 east 3rd street, new york, ny 10003

collect this ticket for entry at the door

entry permitted on a first come first serve basis

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