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why we’re giving away $LSP

spreading a memecoin for artists supporting artists
why we’re giving away $LSP
image credit: LamboSpacePrincess

primitives’ core mission is to make it easier for artists to be seen and supported by their creations. historically, artists relied on applying to exclusive galleries for the chance to profit from a small market of mostly localized buyers. digital art platforms like primitives, drip, and mallow have made it easier for artists to share their work across a growing global community.

enter $LSP

recently, memecoins have become a popular way to spread small amounts of crypto to users in different communities. seeing how farcaster’s $DEGEN and zora’s $enjoy have become popular in the ethereum ecosystem, one creator, Lambo Space Princess, took notice and started their own memecoin within solana’s art ecosystem: $LSP.

we noticed the organic creative community spreading around $LSP and joined other solana art teams to help proliferate the meme through weekly giveaways.

the origin

around march 2024 $LSP grew out of a desire to spread the memecoin between artists on solana. the “$LSP movement” became one of the first coins to foster a community of artists-for-artists and earned the nickname amongst the community as the “creative culture coin.”

the coin’s first utility was to purchase nfts on mallow, a digital art marketplace on solana. since then, other art platforms have used $LSP for giveaways, and artists have taken to discussing their shared mission to used $LSP to enhance art culture and commerce within web3.

the “$LSP movement” arose as the communal promotion of an art focused token. Platforms began accepting it as a form of payment, using it for giveaways, while highlighting the goal of onboarding more creators into the culture of trading memecoins.

why we’re supporting it

the price of $LSP at any given time doesn’t matter for the purposes of using the token as a way to tie together the art community on solana. we’re aligned in $LSP’s vision of artists supporting artists and will continue to give it, and other aligned memecoins, away freely.

we see $LSP as a token that shares our values of cultivating community, supporting artists, and pushing web3 culture forward in a fun and rewarding way - all on solana!

get some

this week we’re giving away 250 $LSP to the first 20 people who:

💎 mint a gem on primitives

✨ reply to this post with the link to your gem

📲 RT this tweet

see full instructions and replies in the thread!

happy minting 🙂