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10 (black & white) gems to collect this week

10 (black & white) gems to collect this week

a weekly compilation of gems on primitives - click in to see more by each creator and collect em' all :)

"Smoke and Mirrors"
Shot on iphone, edited with VSCO
creator | @craftyradical

"Resonating discord"
📸: Fabio Bottiroli 💋: Alessandra Andreotti
creator | @ritta

Photo by Rivistako
creator | @metaako

Just a shot of beautiful flowers to enjoy :)
creator | @mamaralic

creator | @timur

"Sunny Beach"
Analogue photograph, Sunny Beach, 2021
creator | @chessucation

"Artist’s Night Black and White"
Mixed Media, Photography, Digital 01.04.24 Perception Limited Art Collection 02.24.24
creator | @jasperreitheartist

creator | @itzangelic_

“Legal or illegal”
creator | @msnjason

"'BADlands', a concept v2"
Concept CD cover I designed.
creator | @fivepunk