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the power of ai tools: midjourney, dall·e 2, and artbreeder

discover how ai is revolutionizing art creation with tools like midjourney, dall·e 2, and artbreeder. explore their features, image quality, and access methods for enhancing your creative process.

article by: @kai

why are artists using ai

ai is reshaping the landscape of art creation, offering new possibilities and unleashing creativity. whether you're a writer, artist, or content creator, integrating ai into your toolkit can spark fresh ideas and streamline your creative workflow. this article delves into three standout ai tools: midjourney, dall·e 2, and artbreeder as well as other ai tools for specific creative needs. learn how these tools are transforming the creative process and find the perfect fit for your creative objectives.

ai tools for artists

as the realm of ai continues to expand, an array of ai tools has emerged, each with its unique features and benefits. because there are so many tools out there today, navigating this landscape can be overwhelming. in this article, we'll explore our top choices and guide you toward the right tool for your creative goals.

stand out text-to-image art generators


midjourney is a high-quality text-to-image art generator and currently our favorite one. whether you're an aspiring artist, writer, musician, or game developer, midjourney has you covered.

dall·e 2

dall·e 2 kicked off the current generative image craze when it launched last year. like midjourney, dall·e 2 effortlessly converts textual descriptions into lifelike images.


artbreeder stands as a versatile tool, catering to creatives across various domains. graphic designers, artists, and marketers alike leverage artbreeder to craft graphics, remix art, and produce captivating visuals.

image comparison

how do these tools compare in image generation? i passed the following prompt to each tool to find out:

"imagine a world where gravity works differently. create an image that depicts a surreal scene where everyday objects and people are affected by this altered gravity. show how this unique gravitational environment shapes the architecture, landscapes, and interactions in this captivating alternate reality.”


in a comparison of image generation tools, midjourney is supreme. its images boast remarkable clarity, artistic finesse, and authenticity. the tool can interpret complex prompts, yielding intricate and polished results.

dall·e 2

dall·e 2 captures the essence of prompts but may lack the intricacies of midjourney's output. while its images maintain the core concept, they occasionally fall short in detail and realism.


artbreeder generates inspiring images, yet they may not rival midjourney's precision. while they evoke the desired concept, they may lack the nuanced touch of realism.

tools for specific needs

  1. additional text-to-image generators: night cafe, stable diffusion
  2. ai tools for copywriting: chatgpt, writesonic, copy.ai
  3. ai animation tools: ebsynth, leiapix, kaiber.ai
  4. voiceovers using ai: synthesia, d-id, runway, descript
  5. ai for music generation and editing: soundraw, podcastle, lalal.ai, murf

digital creators on primitives

here are a few artists on primitives leveraging ai to empower their creative process


retro cyberpunk barbie by queengoddessclub





the creative landscape is undergoing a profound transformation thanks to innovate ai tools like midjourney, dall·e 2, and artbreeder. these applications are redefining the boundaries of artistic expression, making it easier than ever for creators from various domains to unlock their creativity in new ways. whether you're crafting graphics, writing stories, designing landscapes, or composing music, these ai tools offer new ways to push your creative boundaries.