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10 gems to collect this week

10 gems to collect this week

a weekly compilation of gems on primitives - click in to see more by each creator and collect em' all :)

Getting a dream fulfilled needs strong quote of hope with positivity spirit.
creator | @bukfikky22

“1960s ~ 2020s”
creator | @queengoddessclub

“localfae's profile background”
creator | @localfae

shot on Canon EOS T5i
creator | @craftyradical

“Wow! I found my Camera”
Found my Camera in deep Sea surrounded by sea life
creator | @mythoughtsai

“💡 🔧”
creator | @deej

“Girl Nextdoor”
creator | @nftique

“mertsin's profile background”
creator | @mertsin

“Monet's garden”
creator | @geniusloci

“Fruit Frenzy”
Fruit Frenzy: Where Nature's Bounty Meets Edgy Allure
creator | @disruptor